Intern with CCL

Centre for Child and the Law accepts interns for a period of 4 weeks. Through its internship programme, the centre aims at inculcating an understanding of child rights through a rights perspective. Interning at CCL provides students with an opportunity to access its library. Interns are expected to be professional in their conduct and are to abide by the rules and principles of conduct laid down by NLSIU. The Centre has accepted interns from all across the country from the fields of law, social work, psychology, engineering etc. Being a multi-disciplinary centre, applications are invited from interested students from all fields.

The number of interns accepted depends on the activities being conducted. If you are selected, you will hear from us within three weeks of applying. Please apply by clicking on the button below.

Please note, due to high volume of applications, communication via phone or email may not be entertained in this regard.

To read the CCL Internship Policy, click here.

Interns are also instructed to strictly follow the NLSIU Principles of Conduct during the course of their internship.

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